Our Story

The origin of City is Yours

The reason we started City is Yours is twofold.


First, when you go on a city trip, you will probably search online and ask friends for tips. But what do you do with all the information from the web tips via Facebook, Email and Whatsapp? We want to give you the tools to easily collect everything in just one place with offline access on your mobile. To collect, bundle and share.


Second, after spending hours searching the net for cool hotspots, local gems and insider tips, you probably feel lost or you don’t even know where to start. City is Yours is the place to find inspiration based on others’ experiences. Keep track of the path you choose and make the most out of your memories.


We want to put travelers first and start by asking, ”will this product make travelers’ experiences better?“ We do not want to build and integrate as many features as we can.


In order to do so we, at City is Yours, need to be curious all the time, innovative and always on the lookout for possible improvement. We focus on user experience by providing a clear design and easy to use interface. We always ask ourselves two simple questions:  “Does this make sense” and “does this add value to the user”?