Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hotspots

On our blog we share on a regular basis hotspots from around the world which we find interesting. Subscribe to this blog and you will receive updates on a weekly basis. We also know great blogs from interesting people who write about hotspots, food, traveling and a lot more. Please, contact us because we would love to share these tips with you.

  • Buckets

Definition: “A bucket is a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying”. That’s serious stuff, isn’t? We see buckets as a place to collect and bundle all your hotspots. It serves as a tool to keep lists of all the things you still want to do but also to remember all those lovely places you have been to.

  • How to create a bucket

On or in your buckets you can create a new bucket and fill with all the hotspots and places you love.

  • How to add hotspots to a bucket

The bookmarklet is a great tool to save spots from any website you search on. It would be a pitty not to use it, also because it’s really easy to install, just drag and drop the icon into your bookmark bar. Read more about how to install and use this button here.

  • We would love to help you

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