We can only succeed with talented & passionate people. City is Yours wants to make fun and strive for the remarkable. We are small but aim for the moon. We are open and transparent, to share knowledge and ideas. We can’t wait to celebrate all the little milestones with you.



  1. Community Manager
  2. Online Marketeer
  3. Designer
  4. Storyteller
  5. Influencer

Apply when you
– are enthuastic
– want to swim in the deep
– don’t want to play it safe
– want to add something up, something big


How to apply
Fill in our form and write about:
– you,
– your relevant skills & experience
– and why you would love to work for us


Our benefits in general

– Salary
– Free daily meals
– Skillshare credits
– Startup experience
– Experience in launching a new product